Bank of America

A Haunted Bank?

Many who have worked at the Bank of America on Main Street in Bradley Beach say the building, which first opened its doors in 1917, is haunted.

Employees, past and present, have reported strange sightings, empty chairs rocking and footsteps coming from the upstairs apartment where the building’s first bank manager died.

Tellers through the years have asked about the noisy tenants living on the second floor.

Maybe the “ghost” will make an appearance next year at the 100th anniversary of the building’s dedication.

Stories & Legends – Memories of the Jersey Shore

“My memories of the Jersey Shore began in the Summer of 1973. I was a new bride – only 20 years old. My husband brought me to his family’s home in Ocean Grove for the summer. He said we would be living in a tent. Little did I know we would be living a part of history – in the tents by the Auditorium in Ocean Grove surrounded by new relatives. The town was (is) so beautiful and I was enthralled with the charm. Every day Grandma Neff would come knocking on the tent canvas at 7:30 am saying “where are my children?” My mother in law was always ready to go shopping and go out for lunch. She was full of energy and fun. Being from the midwest, Illinois to be exact, I was fascinated by the beach and salt water. The ocean was new for me and every day I reveled in how wonderful it smelled and how beautiful it is. The summer of 1973 was filled with wonderful memories.

Now at the age of 60, we spend our summers in Grandma Neff’s tent, still surrounded by family and relatives: my in-laws, my children and grandchildren. Yes many memories and incredible gifts from life on the Jersey Shore.”

Val G.