Art Treasures on Multimedia Display

For the artsy crowd, especially on a bad beach day, Heaven Gallery on Cookman Avenue has a multi media display of art treasures created by 11 Jersey shore artists. The exhibit will run until August 7 at the gallery, 721 Cookman Avenue, on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Dunes Boardwalk Cafe Is Now Open

A new restaurant opened on the north end of the Ocean Grove boardwalk. The Dunes Boardwalk Cafe will be home to eight different food vendors with offerings including healthy selections – collard wraps, Papa Blottz pizza crepes and caked and another serving lobster rolls. There will truly be something for everyone at The Dunes Boardwalk Cafe. One of the vendors will be offering grab and go items that can be taken onto the beach.

View their website here:

Jack Green Realty on CBS New York News

On Wednesday afternoon the 8th of June 2016, Real Estate Associates Kiernan DiFeo and Karen Matuch were interviewed by Meg Baker of CBS New York news. They were asked their expert advice on how one should get his or her house ready for Sale. Staging, as well as depersonalizing, are vital to making the right impression to a potential buyer. Watch this interview to see how to get your home prepared to sell for top dollar.


Cat Lovers – Three Little Kittens Rescue

Cat lovers, if you are looking to adopt a kitten, Three Little Kittens rescue can help. With kitten season underway Dee Williams, owner of the rescue operation, is looking for homes for several litters.

Williams takes in newborn kittens who have no moms and bottle feeds them before sending them to the second floor of her Seventh Avenue home where she set up a play room.

A steady stream of volunteers tend to the kittens as they learn to eat solid food and groom themselves before being put up for adoption.

Find out more at

Ocean Grove Gets FEMA Funding for Boardwalk

“Bid Packets are being released February 20, 2014 for constructing the new Ocean Grove Boardwalk” announced Peter Avakian, Engineer for the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association & Neptune Town and Planning Board.

At a board meeting last week, it was announced that Ocean Grove is benefitting from FEMA funds to replace and reconstruct the boardwalk damaged in Hurricane Sandy. In an impressive cooperative effort, the city of Neptune has graciously stepped up to make funds available to begin the boardwalk reconstruction now and will receive the funds from FEMA at a later date.

The entire boardwalk is 3,000 square feet long and will be reconstructed in 3 phases ensuring environmental and historic accuracy .

The plan of action is:

  1. middle boardwalk (will hopefully be ready for this summer 2014)
  2. north boardwalk
  3. restoration of the pier

In a stunning show of cooperation, this significant effort is made possible by the dedication of Congressman Smith, Peter Avakian, Neptune City Council and members of the Ocean Grove Board of Trustees.

OCEAN GROVE Named as one of the 15 BEST BEACHES for 2014

Thousands of travelers flock to the Jersey Shore every year but it’s more important that you plan a visit in 2014. The fact is, tourism to New Jersey’s shore communities—with 130 miles of beautiful beaches—still hasn’t fully rebounded after October 2012’s category 3 Hurricane Sandy. The towns have rebuilt and are better than ever and that’s one reason the Jersey Shore is on Fodor’s 2014 Go List.

Ocean Grove Real Estate - Best Beach!Insider Tip: Towns like Ocean Grove have worked hard to rebuild their little bit of paradise and they want to share it with you. Established in 1869, Victorian architecture is still a major draw of the area as is the beach and boardwalk. The downtown district—with cute shops and restaurants—is just two blocks from the famed boardwalk. But, you go to the Shore for the beach and Ocean Grove’s is pristine. It’s popular with families for its annual sandcastle and kite-flying contests, volleyball games, and boogey board races. Ocean Grove is a one-hour drive from Manhattan and Philadelphia, or you can take the train.




Ocean Grove is the first beach to benefit from the federally funded massive beach replenishment effort which will restore beaches eroded from Hurricane Sandy. This is the largest beach replenishment ever undertaken by the Army Corps of Engineers and is an $18.3 million dollar project approved by Congress and being paid for from Superstorm Sandy relief funds.  The project was slated to begin in Avon and then Bradley Beach but due to technical challenges the replenishment is beginning in Ocean Grove.

The replenishment is designed to create a larger protective barrier between the ocean and NJ coast to ultimately reduce damage from future storms.

How are they doing it?

If you see strange looking boats off the shore of the Ocean Grove beach, those are “Dredge Boats” being used by the Army Corps of Engineers. The Army Corps are taking sand samples to discover granule size sand that matches the sand currently on our Ocean Grove beach.  Special suction devices are being used to protect against harming sea turtles and aquatic life. Once the desired granules are uncovered, the sand is transported to land by floating appendages which transport the sand slurry.  The process is being done in 2,000 ft. increments. When complete, the beach will be 9 feet above sea level.


The replenishment is expected to be completed in time for the busy 2014 summer season.