Choose a Real Estate Agent

Choose A Real Estate Agent

Open-House-mediaBuying a home requires so many different components – from financing to paperwork to finding the right town to live in – it can be overwhelming. By working with an agent that cares and will take the time to work with you one on one to ensure you have a stress free experience can make all the difference in your home buying process.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your real estate professional:

  • Research local agents to find one that works full time in the industry and has completed home purchases that are similar to yours. If you are looking for investment properties – then you want to be sure they have that experience.
  • Be sure to interview agents – see how they react to your questions, do they listen well, do they really seem to care?
  • Find out if the agents are willing to answer calls on weekends or evenings to best accommodate your personal scheduling needs..
  • Be sure they are certified agents and have recent courses and credentials to ensure they can offer the latest in real estate trends.
  • Are your initial contact calls or emails responded to in a timely fashion? In real estate their is no time for delays and it could make the difference in landing the home of your dreams.
  • Be sure to get a list of references and find out what houses they have sold recently.
  • Listen to your instinct! If something seems off when meeting an agent or you do not feel 100% comfortable, it is better to find a new one.