‘Tis the season! Every it seems the Spring brings loads of treasures for sale from our neighbors. Garage sales are a fun past time that can be a great way to purge your home of unwanted and unused items and make some money at the same time!

When you are selling a home, a garage sale can be a great way to make that whole moving process easier by getting rid of things you really do not need.

Selling A Home in NJ - Have A Yard Sale! 10 Tips For SuccessHere are 10 tips that will make your garage sale a stress free and profitable event!

  1. Create a community sale! Invite neighbors to take part – the more the merrier.
  2. Get your products together well in advance of your event. Spend some time cleaning them and doing simple repairs if needed.
  3. Make sure every item has a price label! If people have to ask for a price, you just might lose a sale.
  4. Create groupings on the big day! How you layout your items will affect how people see them. Keep all like items together and be sure to put the bigger items in the back.
  5. PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! Use Craigslist. Post yard sale signs around town, list your event on yard sale websites. Share on social media!
  6. Be flexible! Sometimes you may see more value in something because of the personal nature of the item – keep this in mind when negotiating (and yes, be prepared to negotiate!).
  7. Get change! You may find lots of people forking over $20 bills for small ticket items, it is best you hit the bank the day before and get some singles and $5 bills as well as coins so you can make sure you are covered!
  8. Smile! Make sure you are friendly with everyone – ask them about their day, let them share stories. “Relationships” sell!
  9. Move things around! After a few hours you may start to see big gaps in your items from the products that were sold. You should be rotating items out throughout the day so you always look as full as possible!
  10. Keep a journal with your sales! You will want to see at the end of the day and all your hard work just how much you made!

A successful garage sale makes everyone happy! These tips will help you get it together and make it a success.

If you are selling your home in NJ soon, then a garage sale can be a great way to not only offload not used items and furniture – but is also a fun way to raise extra money for the move!