There are so many great reasons to live in New Jersey, especially in the Jersey Shore region which offers so much for everyone. But here are a few fun reasons to move on in to the Garden State if you are not already a resident! We will offer a couple of posts on this topic because there are just so many great reasons to live here we could not fit them all in one article!

1)  People Really Do Want To Live Here!

This map says it all — see that really really really dark area on the map to the right — yeah, the little state in the weird shape – that is us! Yep, it may seem to be pretty crowded – but we have plenty of space for everyone.

Monmouth County Real Estate Map


2) We Do Not Have To Pump Gas

Yes, really! We are one of 2 states that do not allow you to pump your own gas! Imagine having someone pump your gas for you? Then call a NJ real estate agent and find out how you can move here QUICK!

3) We Have Mischief Night!

If you are from out of NJ you are probably wondering what the heck this is. It is the night before Halloween where all the little kiddos head out and have some fun! Yep, that little blue area that is all alone in calling it Mischief night – that is us, and we are proud of it!