Spring Lake

Spring Lake: Model of Small-Town America

People who call Spring Lake, NJ, home will tell you that it is a lot like going back in time to simpler, safer days. Neighbors look out for each other here. It captures the essence of small-town America in a borough of just under two square miles populated by about 3,000 residents along the Jersey Shore in Monmouth County.

Spring Lake is unique, as even it names implies. Even though it is so close to the Atlantic Ocean, it is named after a spring-fed lake and is adjacent to a coastal tidal pond, Wreck Pond, and within its 12-square mile watershed. The lake that is its namesake borders the borough on the south and separates it from Sea Girt further down the shore.

It is still regarded as a wonderful place for a kid to grow up in and you’ll still see them riding their bikes in their safe and quiet neighborhoods. Take it from one of our staffers who lives there:

“There is a little more freedom kids get living here,” said Karen Matuch, a Realtor Associate for Jack Green Realty who settled down with her husband in Spring Lake to raise their family. “It is a strong, close-knit community.”

Great Place for a Getaway…

After officially becoming a borough in the spring of 1892 and combining with North Spring Lake, this postcard community became something of a resort town and getaway for the well-to-do, as those of that economic strata were then known, from New York and Philadelphia. Rail service, springing up in the culminating decades of the 1800’s, helped bring in those early vacationers and seasonal residents.

Those who settled in Spring Lake in the 19th Century didn’t fit the stereotype of settlers as we picture them today. They found themselves in a place near sandy beaches where they spent much of the warm-weather seasons basking in the sun and enjoying the hotels that soon sprung up there. Irish Catholics were predominant in those resort years right into the opening decades of the 20th Century and it became known as “The Irish Riviera.”

Spring Lake Still Known for Its Events…

Condominiums have essentially replaced the grand hotels that were so much a part of 20th Century Spring Lake, including a luxury condo for residents 55 and older. But it is still known for both fine and family dining and for annual community get-togethers like the Irish Fest, Italian Fest, Spring Lake Five, and Christmas Tree Lighting. They attract visitors and celebrants, establishing its reputation as small-town America.

Those who come to Spring Lake shouldn’t leave without taking in the architectural and artistic wonders you’ll find with the impressive churches there, the most impressive being recently restored St. Catherine’s, known for its stained glass and paintings. The most famous of the originals go back to the 1920’s and the artist, Professore Gonippo Raggi, who completed the last of his paintings in 1928.

We’ve Got the Realtor For You…

If you see the many merits of buying or renting in Spring Lake, Jack Green Realty has the professional, Karen Matuch, a true local resident, who can help you find just the right home, seasonal residence or commercial property.

She’ll give you the opportunity to see Spring Lake up close and personal.

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